Rules & Growing Tips

Festival Rules

  1. All pumpkins entered in the show must be a species of pumpkin.
  2. All entries must be drug free; any pumpkins tested and found to have one of the following present, either nicotine, alcohol, steroids or any other drug with the letter Z will be banned.
  3. Owners are responsible for their pumpkins during the show; any owner who cannot control their pumpkin will be asked to remove it immediately.
  4. Owners are asked to remove their pumpkins by 5 pm on the day; any pumpkin found unaccompanied after this time will be deemed a rogue and may be removed with force.
  5. Any pumpkin weighing more than 600 kg must be accompanied by its own truck.
  6. The winning Big Boy pumpkin is to be displayed outside the Little River Cafe for a minimum of 3 weeks after the festival.
  7. The winning scarecrow for both the chilrens and adults category must be able to be put on display inside the Little River Craft Station for a minimum of 3 weeks after the festival.

The judges decision is final.

Growing Tips

  1. Prepare the growing bed by digging in well-rotted manure and compost to a four-spade depth. The area needs to be a good sunny position, well-drained and protected from winds.
  2. Plant seedling pumpkin and protect from frost. Ensure seedling is well watered.
  3. When flowers have set, ensure pollination by picking a male flower and hand pollinating the female flower (the female flower has swelling at the base of the stalk).
  4. When a fruit is set (the size of a melon or small soccer ball), remove other fruit to allow the chosen fruit to thrive! Place a bed of straw, newspaper or foam underneath the chosen fruit to ensure it doesn't rot or discolour.
  5. Ensure the pumpkin has enough water, is sheltered from extreme winds and is fed by secret recipes!
  6. Keep fingers crossed until the pumpkin begins to swell! Keep feeding and watering!

Good luck!