Pumpkin Classes

Big Boy

Size does matter and this is the blue ribbon event for the heaviest pumpkin on the day. Previous winners have exceeded 200 kg! The current world record is over 600 kg in the USA.

1st prize $250

Wide Girl

This is awarded to the pumpkin with the widest diameter. So if your pumpkin turns out flat and wide, bring it along.
1st prize $150 from Blue Coconut

Local Big Boy

This is a category just for the locals, the pumpkin must have been grown on the Peninsula. Address ID may be required.

1st prize $150 voucher from Chook Manor Ltd
2nd prize $100 voucher from Chook Manor Ltd
3rd prize $50 voucher from Chook Manor Ltd

Prettiest Pumpkin

This class is for the glamour boys and girls of the pumpkin world. We have been criticised in the past for not having a class for beautiful pumpkins, so here it is. If you have grown a perfect specimen whether it is by shapes, size, colour, or organic beauty, bring your pumpkin along to be crowned the prettiest pumpkin.

Ugly Fugly

As the name suggests not all pumpkins are beautiful and we know that pumpkins do not necessarily reflect their owners. So if you have a pumpkin that is deformed and ugly, you may still have a chance to win.

Small Fry

The smallest pumpkin. So you tried but it did not come off, this is the class for you. New class due to popular demand It should look like a pumpkin and must be able to be seen by the naked eye. Awarded at judges discretion.

Arty Farty

This class is for the artists amongst you who can turn a pumpkin into a work of art. Imaginations run wild and entrants have included porcupine fish and satirical sculptures of politicians.

Best Dressed Scarecrow

This class has proven so popular that we divided it into adults and children’s (under 16) sections. Every great veggie garden has a scarecrow so dress your scarecrow with an original theme; and inject humour and fun to win this class. This class is sponsored by the Little River Craft Station, with a whopping $200 1st prize for the adults section and an impressive $100 1st prize for the childrens section.

Children's Sculptured Pumpkin

These are judged on artistic merit and are divided into three age groups, 0-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-12 years. Children need to bring their decorated pumpkin.

Best Dressed Gumboot

Children are invited to decorate a gumboot. This is open to their imagination with great prizes available for the most beautiful gumboot.

Children's Dress Up *NEW*

Dress up as a pumpkin or scarecrow!


All adult classes are $5 entry. Children's classes are gold coin donation.